ADC Financial Education can help you IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT!

• Are you living paycheck to paycheck each month, or cannot save/plan for the future because you don’t earn enough money?

• Do you have financial goals but are confused as to which one to address first?

• Are you a victim of predatory lending, costly financial scams, or awful interest rates?

• Are most things in your financial life costing you a lot more than they’re costing your neighbors and friends?

• Do you want to reduce your credit card debts and other monthly expenses but don’t know how?

• Are you behind on your mortgage or other monthly payments, and can’t seem to make progress?

• Do you want to develop a workable spending and savings plan that can get you out of debt?

• Do you have some big expenses and want to learn ways to avoid using credit cards to pay for them?

• Do you need counseling that can help you improve your credit?

You will find that an improved credit makes you feel like you have just lost weight. Don’t seek a quick fix – we can help you establish and/or manage your credit responsibly over time.

There are many families today who cannot manage their money. Their monthly income is too little to keep up with their needs. Like them, you may not be able to repay your monthly debts, and fall prey to all kinds of predatory financial scams. You are taking on more debts than you can actually repay. You are in foreclosure, about to lose your home or business, and are denied loans or credit each time you apply. Your debt ratio is high and your credit rating is poor. You need some help now if you are unable to save for the future!

There is good news! The ADC is “Your guide to financial success in America”. We can provide you with free and confidential financial counseling and education to help you take control of your finances, master your money, and reach your goals. Our financial counseling services provide you with full professional assistance to address all aspects of your personal financial situation. We’ll work with you to avoid or resolve your current financial distress and provide you information and support that will help you achieve your goals, such as buying a home, starting a business, or saving for the future.


Mondays – Fridays, 9am – 5pm

Average counseling session is one (1) hour. There is no limit on the number of sessions.


Credit Report Fee: $20.00

Please click on any of the links below for information that helps you improve your credit and put your financial house in order:

I. Money Management and Budget Counseling

II. Debt Management

III. Credit Report Review

IV. Housing Counseling

V. Financial Education

I. Money Management and Budget Counseling:

In each session, we help you set goals. The result is an action plan, written by you and the Counselor, to help you gain personal financial control. Creating a realistic spending and savings plan is the first step in your journey to financial expediency. Understanding and having flexibility in your spending habits is the key to successful budgeting. Once you’ve tracked your spending, you are ready to make an educated decision on whether to continue spending as you have, or make changes to more readily reach your financial goals.

• Setting goals
• Creating spending and savings plans
• Understanding credit and credit reports
• Debt management
• Home purchase
• Mortgage delinquency

II. Debt Management:

Reducing what you owe isn’t always a simple process. You need to understand that getting into financial problems actually takes time, maybe years, so you can’t instantly get out. Getting out is a step-by-step process that you need to follow and understand, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes, or make new ones!
There are as many ways to get out of debt as there are ways to get into debt. Here are some simple steps to managing and reducing your debt.

Know how your credit card fees are calculated.

• What principal do you owe on each loan?
• What’s the interest rate for each loan?
• How much are you paying in interest each month?
• Identify high interest accounts and pay those debts down as soon as possible without dipping into your emergency fund.

Contact your credit card company and discuss your situation.

In many cases creditors will negotiate a plan to assist you in solving your more immediate needs. If you tell a company you’re having trouble paying their bill, it’s possible they’d rather negotiate a lower interest rate than have you default completely. They may even waive future finance charges.

Consider your options.

III. Credit Report Review:

Your credit report can affect your ability to purchase a home, rent an apartment, buy a car, receive favorable insurance rates, or even get a new job. Checking your credit report regularly is a crucial step in protecting yourself from fraud or inaccurate reporting.

We can help you get a free or low-cost copy of your credit report and provide a free and confidential credit report review to ensure you have the tools necessary to improve, maintain and protect your credit standing.

Credit report review and education include:

• Understanding your credit score
• Correcting inaccuracies
• Improving your credit standing
• Protecting against identity theft and fraud
• Overcoming identity theft

IV. Housing Counseling:

If you dream of owning your own home someday, it’s never too early to start planning. When you will be able to purchase the home, where it will be located, and what it will look like depend largely on whether you qualify for a mortgage. The down payment you accumulate and your debt-to-income ratio will affect the amount of money you can borrow.

By reviewing your cash flow, savings plan and credit history and score, you will be prepared to make any necessary adjustments to qualify for the mortgage you need. An understanding of the mortgage loan process will also enable you to have all of your necessary information ready when the time comes.

• Foreclosure Prevention

If you have missed mortgage payments or think you will miss future payments, you may find yourself in danger of foreclosure. It is important to understand, however, that lenders do not want to “repossess” your home — they are much more interested in seeing that payments are made each month as agreed in the mortgage terms. As a general rule, lenders only begin the foreclosure process when all else fails.

Therefore, the best way to avoid foreclosure (besides making all your payments) is to address the issue as soon as it occurs and to keep the lender informed at all times. The ADC can help you understand your options when you are having financial difficulty.

V. Financial Education:

ADC Financial Counseling Service promotes financial literacy. We believe that financial education creates choice and the opportunity to build a financial future. We provide workshops for all age and gender groups. We deliver these programs to community groups, classes and employers, and also offer “train-the-trainer” sessions for groups or agencies.

We offer financial education in three ways:

1. Financial Education Workshops
• Money management
• Consumer protection and identity theft
• Finding money to start saving and investing
• Living on reduced income during transitions
• Building good credit to improve your score

2. Financial Literacy Classes
• Budgeting to create savings
• Debt reduction and asset building
• Improving credit rating
• Consumer protection and financial institutions

3. Train-the-Trainer
These sessions usually take 8 to 10 hours total, depending on the participants and the depth of exercises. This special training is for front-line workers to build the technical financial expertise and comfort to facilitate financial coaching and classes with their clients.


Your ADC advisor will direct you to fill out certain application forms in order to register for classes, complete credit checks, etc. You will find these below.

Once you’ve clicked the appropriate forms and downloaded them to your computer, you can open the file and type in as much of the requested information as possible. Then SAVE the file and email it back to your advisor. Later, when the forms are complete, you will sign them with your ADC advisor.

(1) Download Pre-purchase Counseling Intake Form/Credit Counseling Form (PDF)

(2) Download Credit Authorization Form (PDF)