ADC Founder Keynote Speaker at Rochester MLK Breakfast

The African Development Center is extremely proud of the its Founder and Executive Director, Hussein Samatar, who was chosen as the keynote speaker at the 17th annual Martin Luther King Jr. We Have a Dream Breakfast at the International Event Center in Rochester, MN.

This event, co-sponsored and organized by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and the Rochester branch of the NAACP attracted a wonderful crowd of more than 350 community members to celebrate the life and impact of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visit these links to review the media coverage from both the PostBulletin and the local ABC affiliate, KAAL TV.

As ADC continues to increase its presence in this area, through its new office and activities, this was a wonderful opportunity for its Executive Director speak with the community about the struggles that still remain for many of residents:

Samatar, who described King as “the best human being the United States has ever produced,” said immigrants like himself “did not have to deal with the civil rights issues” that King and others confronted in the 1960s. “That war had been fought by 1993,” when he came to Minnesota. The on-going battle is for economic justice, and helping all Americans to lead and achieve their dreams. (from the PostBulletin article)

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