St. Cloud Area Somali Salvation Organization (SASSO)

The St. Cloud Area Somali Salvation Organization (SASSO) is a charitable organization working to bridge cultures and help refugees and immigrants overcome language barriers and become integrated in the St. Cloud area economically and socially. Over one hundred refugees have found employment through SASSO since the organizations founding. In 2006 SASSO received the Minnesota Participation Project award (MPP) for its successful outreach to other communities in Great Minnesota including Marshall, Rochester, Owatonna, St. Cloud, Willmar, and St. Peter’s. Recently SASSO has been working to get all of the community voting and to combat racism, prejudices, and other misconceptions about the Somali community by working with the mayor and other community leaders.

When the small pocket of refugees in central Minnesota began trying to work with the greater community and explain Somali culture and why Somalis were immigrating, it became evident that a formal organization was needed. Out of this SASSO emerged on October 15th, 2001 to advocate for Somalis, integrate immigrants, and communicate within communities.

SASSO is supported by two full-time and two part-time employees. Help can be provided in English, Somali, Swahili, and Amharic. SASSO provides the following services:

  • help with housing
  • after school programs for youth
  • youth crime prevention efforts
  • education development
  • help finding employment
  • Somali community Advocacy
  • information about civic engagement and voting

To reach SASSO contact Executive Director Mahamoud Mahamed at 320-224-9450.