Initiative Foundation's Little Falls Area Foundation

The Little Falls Area Foundation’s mission is to serve as a philanthropic vehicle for accumulating and distributing financial resources to benefit the Little Falls/Morrison County community. It prioritizes funding that develops community resources to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in the Little Falls area.

The Little Falls Area Foundation is a part of the Initiative Foundation whose mission is to unlock the power of central Minnesota people to build and sustain healthy communities.

 The Initiative Foundation exists for one purpose, to improve the quality of life in central Minnesota. At the core of our work is the belief that local people possess the talent, passion and ability to achieve a brighter future. Our programs and investments strive to give every person an opportunity to contribute to a shared vision and plan of action that strengthens community character and relationships.

 The Initiative Foundation is an action-driven catalyst and convener, bringing people together to spark meaningful discussions and partnerships. Relentlessly focusing on assets (what we have rather than what we lack), our success depends on the integrity of a shared vision and plan, the development of capable leaders, and the emergence of dedicated volunteers. We measure our success through changed lives and tangible, visible progress.

Initiative Foundation’s Little Falls Area Foundation